I have been seeing Lisa for over 5 years now. For over a year, I was going once a week because it help tremendously in keeping me from getting cramped up at my desk. If you work at a desk and want relief from neck, shoulder, and back pain, see Lisa. It also is a great way to have some relaxtion time for yourself! We all need more of that.

Steve S




Want to get a great massage and feel better?  I highly recommend Lisa.  She is very skilled and able to help you with any specific issues you might have.  You will feel better and more relaxed following your massage.  I have many arthritis issues especially in my cervical area and Lisa has always been able to relieve the stiffness and pain that I live with.  She has targeted other areas that I have pain due to the arthritis such as my ankles, shoulders, lower back and even my knees.  Again I highly recommend Lisa for both her professionalism and friendly attitude that allows you to relax and feel comfortable having a massage.




Lisa has a true Gift from God. She has been providing pain relief, stress management and realigning my TMJ for 5 years. She knows her bodywork...Her rates are affordable even in this economy. Every day is a gift. We only get one body. Call Lisa today to start your journey to overall wellness and body care. I guarantee you'll never go anywhere else nor want to pay spa prices again.

Tammy K



I started going to Lisa for massages over 3 years ago for a sore neck & shoulder.  After about 4 sessions, I was feeling great.  I still go for stress and muscle tensions and it helps tremendously.  Lisa knows exactly how to use her expertise in making me feel comfortable and it has certainly helped in my overall physical wellness.

Lisa H 



When I met Lisa I had been going to the Chiropractor several times a month for back and neck pain from my Degenerative disc disease. I have now cut back on seeing the chiropractor, due to the amount of relief I get from Lisa's massages. She knows just how to get those kinks out and you feel like a new person when you leave her office. Give her a try we all deserve to treat ourselves to a massage.

Sherry K