Hello!  Hope this email finds you in great health and staying safe from COVID-19.



After spending the last several months preparing with supplies so we are able to follow the State’s new guidelines and protocols, I thought we would be ready to open with new precautions, safety measures and reducing the number of clients per day. 



It is with a heavy heart as I write this email. As we were preparing to open, we wanted to know what our valued clients thought. The survey that was sent out gave much unexpected results.  Over 75% have responded they are not ready to return. 30% said they will not wear a mask, and 45% were not willing to follow the guidelines set forth by the JCC or Absolute Massage Therapy.  These numbers set off red flags to us.



Over the past several months I have been watching the COVID-19 pandemic numbers rise in the US. I have spent this time educating myself, reaching out to fellow healthcare workers and public health officials. Information shows that I could be or become a carrier of the virus for 6-14 days with no symptoms.  Due to the fact that massage is done in a small shared space with physical contact it highly increases the risk of spreading.



Our guidelines state that we should not work on clients in the HIGH RISK categories as long as COVID-19 is present in the community and we should not be doing out/house calls at this time.



I have spoken with the JCC and have made the very tough and extremely difficult decision to temporarily stop providing massage therapy through the end of the year.  I will continue to watch the numbers in our community and reevaluate the situation.  I may do another survey if things start to look better.  The JCC has agreed we can return when we are ready.



I want all our loyal clients to know it is them that I am thinking of as I make this tough decision to remain closed.



Stay healthy and safe,








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